Welcome to the InBev UK Pensions Modeller

This site provides active members of the InBev UK Ltd Pension Plan (the "Plan") with a pensions modeller demonstrating the personal impact of the agreed Plan changes that were announced in March 2011.

The modeller has been designed to help you see how moving to the Defined Contribution Section from June 2013 may affect your retirement benefits. It is only designed for existing active members of the Final Salary and Scotland & Ireland Sections (referred to jointly as the "FS Section") of the Plan; it is not designed for new employees, members who have left the Plan or pensioners.

The modeller allows you to change various parameters to illustrate your potential retirement benefits from the Plan. You can choose to see illustrations based on varying:

  • your retirement age;
  • the assumed levels of contributions and investment returns for the DC Section benefits; and
  • the form in which you can take DC Section benefits.

Please make sure you read the text within the modeller thoroughly to get the best use from it, in particular:

  • the "Help" page, which gives you help with using the modeller;
  • the “Terms & Conditions” page, which details limitations of the modeller and the context in which it should be used; and
  • the “Assumptions” page, which details the key assumptions used in the calculations underlying the modeller.

To use the modeller, simply Login. You must enter your National Insurance number and a unique password, which will have been sent to you by personal letter. Once logged in, your latest pensions details will be loaded into the modeller ready for you to use.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Peter Rhodes on 01582 397268 (work), 07825 281494 (mobile) or Peter.Rhodes@InBev.co.uk (email).